Kyoto Fantasy Express




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Briana Y.
12 September 2020

"I've been coming here since high school and every time I'm in town I stop by for lunch. It is a no-frills spot with hibachi chicken, steak, and shrimp. If you are looking for some authentic Japanese experience no you're not going to get that, but the food is good. The food is served on a styrofoam plate or box. It is not for the bourgeoisie."

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Tiffinei L.
9 September 2020

"I came in to order something healthier than pizza. Marleen greeted me with a big Hello welcome to kyokos! She also helped me order and answered any questions I had. The business was clean, organized and they had good music playing. The food was delicious and hot! Will define visit again!"

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Anne B.
6 September 2020

"Rude cashiers and mayo in sushi? why? it does not belong. They don't have anything made for fresh sushi. Was told well we have a lady that makes it and since she isn't here we don't have it.I guess if you want some greasy bowl of whatever this is your spot. Not sure how they stay in business. With Skibo restaurants being added all the time there are much better spots to eat at. Harris Teeter has better sushi- that's not saying much."

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Lars M.
30 August 2020

"Ended up getting the shrimp bowl. It was okay...the problem is, it wasn't my first choice. Nor was it my second. If a menu item isn't avalable, put a sign up."

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Alyssa P.
26 August 2020

"Ordered the Hibachi steak and chicken, the Hibachi steak and shrimp, and a side order. The cashier didn't speak, just a blank stare. My daughter whom is a brunette found a blonde hair on her shrimp mid meal. The food was room temperature, rice was overlooked. Neither of us could finish eating. Just bad energy all the way around. My daughter went to the bathroom, came out to tell me there was no hand soap. Told the workers. Again, more blank stares and a bored "ok" from a blonde haired worker with no hair net. Waited because I needed to use the restroom, too. It was slow as we had an early dinner, so I Knocked on the men's bathroom, walked in, no hand soap in there either. Frustrated, I left. Apparently hand washing is not important at this establishment, nor is hot food and hair nets. I will never eat here again. The location on Raeford Road was much better."